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    “We will confirm and provide evidence that your ex may be cohabitating with someone in violation of your divorce decree.”

    Do you suspect your former spouse is living in cohabitation with a new lover? Depending on the terms of the divorce decree, you may be able to use this evidence to decrease or eliminate alimony payments. The first step is to speak with your attorney and then hire Burlington based Diamond Investigations to obtain the necessary evidence needed to prove cohabitation in the Massachusetts court room. If one of our Cohabitation Surveillance Investigators can obtain proof of this cohabitation, this may result in the termination of your alimony payments. Diamond Investigations, of Burlington Massachusetts, offers various types of investigative services. Our surveillance services utilize specific methods to obtain tangible evidence of cohabitation.

    Did You Know:

    Over 4 million households in the United States account for unmarried couplesIn the State of Massachusetts, the Alimony Limitation Law proceeds as follows:

    The Massachusetts Alimony Limitation Law: Passed on March 12, 2012

    The Alimony Reform Act (Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2011) reads in part…

    “General Term Alimony shall be suspended, reduced or terminated upon the cohabitation of the recipient spouse when the payer shows that the recipient has maintained a common household with another person for a continuous period of at least three months.”

    The state of Massachusetts is a “no-fault” state. Therefore the cause of divorce does not matter, assets and property are split equally. Apart from this, child custody, child support, and alimony depend on the parents’ activities.

    Cohabitation & Residency Issues

    • Child Custody
    • Alimony Responsibilities

    For example, in the state of Massachusetts, if a divorce occurs, and then the wife begins cohabitating with another man, both the wife and the person with which she is cohabitating is held responsible. Proof of cohabitation is a necessity in court to assist in child custody, compensation claims for child support, and alimony matters. All the facts that Diamond Investigations’ Cohabitation Surveillance Investigators will be admissible to the court in a well fashioned, clear manner.

    Cohabitation Investigations are Used During:

    • Alimony Adjustments
    • Annulment
    • Child Support Recalculation
    • Divorce
    • Legal Separation
    • Marriage
    • Pre-Marital Background Investigation
    • Pre-Nuptial
    • Spousal Maintenance Calculations

    Cohabitation Investigations Can Also Include:

    • Asset Investigation
    • Background Investigations
    • Bodily Fluid Testing
    • Cohabitation Reports
    • Communications Activity
    • Computer Usage
    • Conflict of Activity
    • Covert and Undercover Assignments
    • Covert Pregnancy Testing – Paternity Investigations
    • DNA for Hair and Skin
    • Email Tracing
    • Identity Verification
    • Internet Usage
    • Photos of Unknown Subjects
    • Polygraph Examination Lie Detection
    • Property Inventory
    • Semen Testing
    • Surface Drug Testing
    • Surveillance

    If your ex-spouse is residing or cohabitating with an adult, you may have justification to decrease the amount you are paying in support. Our clients want to know whether they’re supporting their former partner alone, former partner and children, or someone living with their former partner. Questions start to arise about how much money you should be paying a former spouse in alimony. Evidence can be obtained to prove this permanent residential arrangement, and you could benefit from the results of Diamond Investigations’ Cohabitation Surveillance results. If you share this concern, please consult with a lawyer, and then contact Diamond Investigations of Burlington Massachusetts.

    In preparing to bring an alimony reduction matter before the court, you must prove cohabitation of the ex-spouse first. Cohabitation investigations can be costly and require extensive, in-depth surveillance, however, the results can be the key to reducing or completely eliminating alimony. Call Diamond Investigations today allowing you to take the next step toward ending those alimony payments.