• Covert Video Mystery Shopping

  • Covert Boston Mystery Shopping Services

    “Diamond Investigations would like to introduce a new style of mystery shopping onto the Boston Mystery Shopping scene, which uses covert video recording.”

    Boston’s mystery shopping is traditionally used to determine integrity within a wide range of businesses such as retail chains, bars, and restaurants. The primary purpose of a mystery shopper ensure employees are not stealing from inventory and they are honest in the work environment. However, Diamond Investigations would like to introduce a new style of mystery shopping onto the Boston Mystery Shopping scene, which uses covert video recording.

    Diamond Investigations’ Boston mystery shopping  involves a mystery shopper that secretly video tapes the merchant or employees while conducting their assignment in Boston, Massachusetts. Our client is then able to utilize the videotaping when determining how a representative is performing with potential or actual customers. Diamond Investigations’ Mystery Shopping services will capture real-time video of all interactions. For more information about our highly effective method for monitoring a business employees, please contact us today.

    Mystery Shopping, is an essential customer retention tool for today’s business owner in which an investigator poses as a retail customer to evaluate employee honesty and customer service skills. We offer a variety of Mystery Shopping programs specifically tailored to your needs. We offer customer service evaluations running various scenarios to ensure that your employees are performing their jobs to your level of expectation. Customer service evaluations are a useful tool for evaluating an employee for promotions and/or disciplinary actions. Diamond Investigations has over twenty years of experience as a professionals in law in Massachusetts. We guarantee a quick and concise evaluation of the impact your employees are having on your business and your customers.

    We Serve a Variety of Industries Including:

    • Massachusetts Restaurants
    • Massachusetts Hotels
    • Travel
    • Apartments
    • Banks & Financial
    • Massachusetts Convenience stores
    • Manufacturing
    • Home Furnishings and Flooring
    • Massachusetts Health Centers
    • Pet Services
    • Theme Parks
    • Software
    • Parking Facilities
    • Manufacturing
    • General Retail

    If you are considering the option of initiating a mystery shopper program, we are always willing to offer a consultation in order to discuss the service needs and help you determine if a mystery shopper program is right for your company. Based on your goals and budget, we aim to provide excellent service you can afford within your organization or business.

    When it Comes to Customer Service, These are Our Top Priorities

    1. What service expectations do your customers have?
    2. What level of service are your employees currently providing?
    3. How can we address those expectations?
    4. How can we implement the proper employee training to consistently meet those expectations?

    It is by discovering the expectations of the customer that you train your staff to meet those requirements, and that you begin business growth.

    Because most service and retail type businesses must rely on employees to serve their customers, it is vital to stay attuned to how they are being taken care of. If your employees are left to their own and are not receiving continuous coaching, training and support from either yourself or your management, they will more than likely service your customers based on their own perceptions rather than how your customers would actually like to be served.

    Diamond Investigations will help you discover who your typical customers are, how they would like to be served and what you can do to “Exceed” their expectations in order to give them the outstanding service you hope for.