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    “Diamond Investigations is a comprehensive private investigative organization specializing in traditional surveillance as well as video surveillance services.”

    Diamond Investigations is a comprehensive private investigative organization specializing in traditional surveillance as well as video surveillance services. We offer a wide range of professional confidential surveillance services to individuals, attorneys, law firms, businesses and organizations. We service the metropolitan Boston and eastern Massachusetts area. Diamond Investigations only employs experienced surveillance investigators using the most current and cutting edge investigative and video surveillance methods to insure thorough and professional surveillance for our clients.

    Law enforcement agencies and private detectives use surveillance to investigate allegations of illegal behavior. Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places and vehicles. Diamond Investigations uses physical observation as well as electronic monitoring of conversations.

    Electronic Monitoring

    • Electronic monitoring, or wiretapping, requires a court order. However, this includes the surveillance of email, fax, Internet and telephone communications. If a person risks severe injury or death, the government can ask to start monitoring communications right away. Once an order is granted, police agencies can identify criminal conspirators to deter or punish the offenders involved.

    Fixed Surveillance

    • Fixed surveillance, also known as ‘stakeout,’ requires officers to surreptitiously observe people and places from a distance.

    Massachusetts Stationary Technical Surveillance

    • In stationary technical surveillance, also known as unmanned surveillance, the investigator installs a hidden camera and recording equipment in a parked car. Investigators can record photo and video images at any time, reducing the need for humans to monitor a situation around the clock. The vehicle sits in an area that draws little attention, such as a parking lot.

    Massachusetts Undercover Operations

    • In undercover operations the officer plays an active role in revealing criminal activities. An undercover agent might for instance infiltrate a group such as a gang to discover and monitor their activities and routines. After gaining trust and acceptance, they are able to ascertain the valuable information needed to put crime to rest. This requires the agent to develop a back-story and alternative persona for the role at hand.

    The best option is to hire a qualified private investigator such as Diamond Investigations. As a professional investigator, we are licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to gather evidence through audio and video equipment. This is the most effective way to observe someone or something. Our investigators have gone through extensive training in order to be able to track down alleged criminals or uncover dishonesty, no matter what form it may take. Here at Diamond Investigations of Massachusetts, we are well-versed in the current laws and often work with police and police investigations. You need not worry about legal impediments when you entrust your surveillance needs to our team of private investigators. We have access to various types of surveillance equipment such as one-way mirrors, specialized equipment, and special vehicles which can make surveillance much more effective.

    Remember: If surveillance reveals illegal activity, evidence gathered by private investigators often stands up in court much better than evidence gathered by the average citizen. Let Diamond Investigations be that confirmation that you need in the court room to ensure your case success!