• Missing Person Boston MA

  • Diamond Private Investigators Can Locate Missing Person in Boston MA and throughout Massachusetts – also known as Skip Tracing

    “We can search for a missing person, dead or alive…”

    The process of searching for a person whose whereabouts are unknown is referred to as Skip tracing.  ‘Skip’ is used to describe a missing person who is believed to be ‘skipping out’ on his duties and/or obligations.

    Missing person SearchPrivate-sector and Law Enforcement Requests Client Types:

    • An insurance company is searching for a missing witness to an insured loss.
    • A parent is looking for their child who has run away or potentially abducted.
    • Attorneys is looking for missing heirs in probate cases.
    • Bail bondsmen is looking for clients who has failed to appear in court.
    • Creditors is looking for those who indebted.
    • Families in search of or seeking the location of a lost relative.
    • People seeking long lost friends.
    • Private Investigators who are looking for a scam artist or identity thief.

    Missing Person Search – People are missing for one of two reasons, intentionally or unintentionally. Identifying which kind of missing person you have, allows Diamond Investigations of Boston, Massachusetts to properly assess and proceed with a reasonable, successful plan of action to Find / Locate Missing Persons.

    Missing person Boston MA: People who are intentionally missing often realize they are being looked for and therefore take proactive measures not to be found.  We can locate or find a missing person in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts.

    Locate missing person boston maLocate Missing Person – Consumers & Businesses

    • Diamond Instigations’ services can locate current Massachusetts addresses and phone numbers necessary for the success of your businesses archive database. Accurate contact information is imperative to optimizing your collection and debt recovery.

    Skip Tracing Service for Massachusetts Attorneys

    • Diamond Investigations has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, we understand the important role that skip trace services play. We want to assist attorneys throughout Massachusetts with their need to determine the current location of witnesses and other parties in their cases. The role that skip trace services play to attorneys is imperative for case success.

    Boston MA missing person searchWhy You Need a Professional

    • As a private investigator, the resources available and used are numerous and often exclusive to investigators only. These resources are always valuable. Computerized records, and the various ways to access and search them, has increased both the amount of sources and the amount of inaccurate information, as a result performing a locate not only involves finding the data, but also sorting through that data. It is rare that only a few telephone calls or several keystrokes is all it takes to locate someone. Our twenty years of experience tells us here at Diamond Investigations where to look and how to look for missing persons.

    Whether you are trying to find a non-paying spouse, looking for that old college sweetheart, or simply trying to track down an old friend, put our team of Massachusetts investigative experts to work for you!

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